Must Be Tuesday MP3s you can download

Length     Title     Download    
1:49 Psycho Girlfriend    
Cowritten with Bart Romanek
2:44 My Place or Yours     MP3
2:26 Merry Nondenominational Holiday     MP3
3:32 The Point Game     MP3
2:29 Stop Messaging Me     MP3
3:13 Liar     MP3
2:18 She Never Says 'Not'     MP3
3:47 My Boyfriend's Girlfriend (Isn't Me)     MP3
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Must Be Tuesday on the radio

Must Be Tuesday has been played on the radio. Check out this recording from the Full English Breakfast show on CJSR, which aired on July 13, 2007.

4:07 My Boyfriend's Girlfriend (Isn't Me)
on CJSR, July 13, 2007    

If you want to help out, please call and request Must Be Tuesday on the following stations:

CJSR, 88.5FM Edmonton (780-492-5244 ext 232)
CKUA, 94.9 FM Edmonton (780-428-7595)
CJSW, 90.9 FM Calgary (403-220-3991)

If you know of a radio station that would like to play Must Be Tuesday, let me know and I'll make sure they have a CD.

Thanks for your support!

Five-song CD now available!

My Boyfriend's Girlfriend is the first in a series of ‘snapshots’ of Must Be Tuesday’s music, each representing the current state of the music collection at a particular point in time. As new music is produced, it is made available on this site in MP3 format, sometimes replacing earlier songs or versions of the same song. As the music collection continues to evolve, it is occasionally freeze-framed in the form of a CD. Who knows how similar or different the next one will be?

This CD includes five tracks, (Stop Messaging Me, My Boyfriend's Girlfriend, Other Rock Stars Suck, She Never Says 'Not', Liar) four of which are currently available above as MP3s. Hurry and buy the CD, because as soon as the MP3s are removed from the site, they won't be available ever again! This CD includes a full colour cover and label. At only $5 CAD, it's a great value! (Plus shipping and handling.)

The CDs are also available for $8 at Megatunes (10355 Whyte Avenue, Edmonton, 780-434-6342) and for $7 at Listen (10649 124 Street NW, Edmonton, 780-732-1132). They're in the independent section. If you go there and the CDs are out of stock, please email to let me know so they can be restocked.

To buy a CD for only $5 without paying shipping and handling, buy one in person! Check out Must Be Tuesday live in concert. See the show info page to find out about upcoming concerts, or write to for this week's schedule of open mic performances.