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Hreshfal and Chiss-Vatham's Theme

I wrote the Dwarnian music in the latest mini episode of Starship Iris and I'm so excited that you can hear it now!

Written for The Strange Case of Starship Iris podcast, episode 5.25, Cultural Enrichment. This song uses custom instrument sounds designed by Sneha Deo.

In the universe of the show, this song was written and performed by non-human people called Dwarnians. I had a lot of fun experimenting with ways music could be different from what I'm familiar with. For example, I used a 22 note scale, a rhythm created by the silence when a long drone stops, and sounds that I imagine could echo across large bodies of water.

April 5, 2021

Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon

My 2013 album, Cover Me I'm Going In, is now available on Spotify, Google Play Radio, Amazon Music, and more! :D

If I recall correctly, when I first released the album, my distribution options were a little limited and a little pricey. My distribution company is Indie Pool, and I chose to go with iTunes and on-demand CDs, but recently I thought to check in again and see if the options have changed, and it turns out they now do a digital distribution package that includes LOTS of places at a very good price. (Apparently it also includes Pandora, among other things, but I can't check because it doesn't work in Canada.)

You can get MP3s on Amazon, stream on Spotify, and listen to a streaming radio station of similar music on Google Play. (I’m not sure how similar it is or how they decide, but if you give it a listen, let me know what you think!)

Please let me know if you add any of my music to your Spotify playlists! I'm excited to see what kinds of songs go on the same lists! :D

August 28, 2019

Zelda II and Choir Performance

Last month I took part in Power Up With Pride, which is an online video game speedrunning event which benefits LGBTQ charities. It was a really unique run! MegMacAttack played a speedrun of Zelda II for NES while I played all the music live on the piano! I switched songs whenever she switched rooms in order to match what the music would have been normally. It took me about 2 months to learn all eleven songs. It took a lot of concentration and was a great challenge. I enjoyed it a lot!

Zelda 2 speedrun by MegMacAttack
Live piano accompaniment by me
Commentary by EnchantressOfNumbers

Here are the timestamps for the different songs and other noteable parts:
Meg starts talking at 6:12
Title theme song 7:38
Town 13:07
House 10:45
Overworld 11:04
Encounter/Cave 11:30
Palace 25:45
Death keysmash 26:30
Guardian 31:00
Grand Palace 1:18:40
Final Guardian 1:24:20
Zelda's Awakening 1:25:37
End Credits 1:26:20
I start talking at 1:28:00

Last year my choir, Edmonton Vocal Minority, went to Unison Festival in Calgary and performed a song of mine! And I just recently found out there's a recording! :D

This is Where I Wanna Be
Performed by: Edmonton Vocal Minority
Composer and soloist: Jamie Price (that's me!)
Arrangement by: Daniel Belland
Conductor: Paula Roberts

I also recently found out there's an IMDB-style database for podcasts. It's called Podchaser and it now lists all the podcasts I've been in so far! Here is my Podchaser profile.

That's all for now, have a great day!

July 23, 2019