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Lightning Video Editing Test

This week I decided to see if I could improve a shaky iPhone video I made of a lightning strike. It was fun! I apologize, this is not a tutorial, but here is some info:

I recorded on an iPhone 6S using the app Filmic Pro.
I edited the video in Premiere Pro CC. I used the effect Lumetri Color to change the colours, and Warp Stabilizer to smooth out the shaky movement.
I edited the audio in Reaper. I used the effect ReaEQ to boost the bass, ReaDelay to add echo, and changed the panning.
I also moved the audio earlier in Premiere to line up the biggest noise with the lightning strike.

August 1, 2017

Live songwriting and Testing Ableton Live

Last week I did a Twitch stream of figuring out the Ableton Live interface and writing a simple little melody. My main goal was to use the trial version to figure out whether Ableton Live is worth buying, and which version to buy, and I figured that out successfully!

Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to make my cursor visible for viewers, so this probably won't be useful as a tutorial, but there is a bit of process stuff, like choosing instruments and making compression work, so you do get a sense of how many steps were involved. :)

July 19, 2017

What was it like at SGDQ?

A recap of my trip to Summer Games Done Quick 2017! I talk about the different things there are to do while you're there, what the hotel was like, what Minneapolis was like, stuff like that!

July 11, 2017