Must Be Tuesday


Must Be Tuesday is a solo music act from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Jamie Price is the sole composer and performer, and in the past has mainly written alternative folk, much of it comedic, but more recently is focusing more on chiptunes, synth orchestral, and other electronic music. Some of their chiptunes are part of the soundtrack of a video game called Hopper Space.

Must Be Tuesday's first full length CD, Cover Me I'm Going In, was released in 2013. It features smart, catchy songs about polyamory, coming out as transgender, video games, skinny dipping, and being an awkward person. The most popular track is about Jamie's favourite celebrity and is called Stop Being So F***ing Awesome, Darren Criss. The album is available on iTunes, and as a physical CD from IndiePool. The previous CD, My Boyfriend's Girlfriend, was a 5-track EP released in 2007.

Jamie wrote and produced an original musical comedy for the Edmonton Fringe Festival. The show was also called My Boyfriend's Girlfriend (not to be confused with the 2007 CD) and is about three nerdy friends who get into a polyamorous relationship. One of the characters is transgender, and the show includes familiar Must Be Tuesday music like The Coming Out Song.

Jamie Price is also a voice actor, and they have been part of audio drama podcasts like The Strange Case of Starship Iris and What's the Frequency. Jamie is available to audition for more podcasts, and can be reached at

Must be Tuesday also has content on YouTube, including songs, musings about the songwriting process, recordings of video game sessions, and lots more.

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